Therapeutic Art Sessions

As part of the Well-being Project, we are proud to introduce drop-in therapeutic art sessions at the Bateman Gallery. The sessions are free of charge and open to the community. All materials will be provided. Participants will have the use of various materials and access to the space to create what they wish, with an art therapist on site for mental wellness insight and assistance.

In-person Session

Tuesday 4:00 – 6:00 PM

No Appointment Necessary

Non-directive creation is beneficial for strengthening emotional wellness. These sessions offer the opportunity for you to express your unique creativity with the support of an art therapist, and if you choose, Kaitlin can act as a personal guide to assist you in uncovering and perceiving meaning and personal discoveries found in your artwork and while creating. Online sessions are cancelled for the time being.

All ages are welcome, and no art experience is necessary! We strive to meet you where you are at by taking an inclusive, non-judgmental and non-directive approach to artmaking – which means that you get to choose the art materials and direction that your artmaking takes. We are mindful of gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, race, spiritual beliefs and family situations. All are welcome and encouraged to attend! Our facilitating art therapist, Kaitlin McManus, promotes mindfulness in creation and displays unconditional positive regard, assisting and guiding you to access self-empowerment and compassion for yourself and others in our community.

We work with community and service groups to provide free access to the Bateman Gallery, and to deliver free group art therapy and nature programming. If you represent a community or service group and are interested in participating, please fill out our form here.

Also consider participating in our Celebrating Community Resilience project, you can find more info here.