NatureSketch Watercolour Painting Workshop: Snow Rabbit

Join us for a 2-hour intensive watercolour workshop by painting the lunar new year’s featured creature – the rabbit. Build your fundamental skills in watercolour using Robert Bateman’s techniques and philosophies on art and nature.

Winter Watercolour Painting Workshop

Learn to watercolour using the brilliant colours of the macaw as your subject in this 2.5 hour watercolour workshop taught by Bateman Foundation’s NatureSketch expert Vida Akef. The course is on December 10 in the Bateman Gallery, Victoria, BC.

Cardinal & Holly Holiday Watercolour Card Workshop

Cardinals & Holly plants have such incredible vibrant colours with their piercing reds and luscious greens, watercolour paints are the perfect medium to capture the brightness and tones of these colourful subjects. This class is a 2 hour workshop that focuses on painting a cardinal and holly. Students will be presented with several example options to study and paint and will be guided by our instructor.

Garry Oak Watercolour Painting Course

Beginner friendly, this program teaches you the fundamentals and principles of watercolours and how to apply them to bringing your art to life. You will apply the skills learned in this to bringing colour, vibrancy, and detail to your paintings.

This 4-week Garry Oak Watercolour Painting course is taught by Bryone Wynne-Jones. Learn the intimate details of the venerable Garry Oak trees, study their leaves, trunks, branches, and roots, and bring them to life with watercolour paints.

Floral Watercolour Painting Course: Online

This 4-week NatureSketch Floral Watercolour Painting course is brought to you online. Your educator Vida Akef will guide you through the theory and principles of watercolour painting and how to apply them to intricate floral designs.