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Our children are more disconnected from nature than ever before. Due to the constant pressures of technology and social media, they are struggling with an alarming rate of depression, anxiety and nature deprivation. Thankfully though, they live on Vancouver Island where there are programs that connect our kids to the greatest gift of all; nature.

Today, we are asking for your help so that more children in our community can benefit from inquiry-based education programs supported by The Bateman Foundation – including outdoor, gallery, and school-based initiatives – that reach over 3,000 children and 100 classrooms annually.


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Help us to deliver a full calendar of exhibits, programming, education and initiatives. Your voice will join with others to create a strong backbone of support creating leverage with the foundations, corporations, and governments who share our love and passion for the natural world.

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The Bateman Foundation was founded to inspire a lasting relationship with nature through the lens of art, and is currently one of the only non-profits in Canada primarily using artwork to promote a connection to nature and the environment. Through our programs, exhibits, community collaborations, gallery, and retail operations, we inspire a generation of people to have a deep relationship with nature.

By noticing nature’s beauty and importance, the Foundation encourages action to ensure the natural world is protected through our three core areas: youth initiatives, eco-literacy, and leadership & mentorship. The Foundation’s special programs inspire discovery, understanding and help develop a love of nature which leads to healthier and creative living, environmental stewardship and spiritual growth.


Help educate others about nature. Make a difference in the lives of others.