Our Team

These are the faces behind the magic. We work hard to deliver place-based environmental and art education, and through our work we aim to encourage our community to see themselves as part of their local ecosystem and act accordingly.

Duncan Calveley

Learning Coordinator

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Duncan is a Medieval Studies grad from UVic, focusing on Chinese art and mortuary practices. He is passionate about exploring the boundaries between reality and imaginary, natural and supernatural. His curiosity and drive to learn compliment his desire to incorporate sustainability and nature preservation in his day to day life.

Katherine Dalusong

Head of Marketing & Sales

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Katherine is a strategic storyteller. She has worked with non-profit organizations for almost 10 years in the role of marketing and communications with experience from hyper-local to national campaigns. Previously, she was the digital marketing manager for the renowned Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the world-class concert hall, the Francis Winspear Centre in Edmonton. 

Graham Ling

Retail Manager

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Graham is born and raised in Vancouver, where he
attended film school and turned that education into owning and operating a retail clothing shop. The arts were very prevalent for him, dedicating a portion of the store to showcasing local artists, both paintings and photography.  

Carey-Lynn Link

Head of Learning

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Carey-Lynn moved to Victoria from Saskatchewan. She is a professional artist & teacher who has owned & run her own art school, teaching children & adults for over 25 years. Carey-Lynn had the privilege of attending the Robert Bateman Masterclass in 2010. Although born a Prairie girl, the ocean has always been her happy place. She is extremely honoured to have the opportunity to work at the Bateman Foundation.

Gallery & Retail Associate

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Born in Iran, Azar received her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Azad University and a master’s degree in Conservation of Historic Buildings from the University of Tehran. In 2019, she moved to Canada to pursue a Master of Art History at the University of Victoria, focusing on the impact of modernization on architecture. She explores how industrialization affected the relationship between architecture and the environment.

Teresa Sammut

Gallery & Retail Associate

[email protected]

Teresa (She/her) is a recent UVic English graduate. Her passions include 19th century history and literature, long walks in forests, and a good cup of tea. She loves to collect antique books, photographs, and newspapers in her spare time. Teresa’s passion for nature and art started throughout her childhood, as growing up she was moving around often from the Island to the mainland. Nature has always allowed her to feel grounded no matter where she goes and always fills her with sublime awe.

Andrea Terrón

Head of Gallery & Exhibits

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Andrea is an anthropologist from Guatemala, with over 12 years’ experience in museums. During her career she decided to study abroad and had the opportunity to further her education with a master’s in Social Sciences, with emphasis in Museum Anthropology, and PhD candidacy in Osaka, Japan. She studied at Osaka University and at the National Museum of Ethnology-MINPAKU-SOKENDAI. She is very passionate and has a strong belief in galleries and museums as institutions of change, she believes that collections can be used to uphold past knowledge, but it is important to find ways to connect this information with newer generations, creating links that will ensure understanding, respect, and learning, focusing on engagement and dialogue.  

Sarah Theophilus

Acting General Manager

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Born in the UK, Sarah moved to Canada as a child and spent her youth painting, drawing, writing, and exploring the outdoors. After studying Psychology & Linguistics at UVic, she returned to her artistic roots to become a successful animal artist for over 10 years, later taking a sabbatical to return to sales, management and online development. She was thrilled to join the Bateman Foundation in 2015, bringing together a profound love of nature and art once again.

Sydney Trépanier

Gallery & Retail Associate

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(250) 940-3626 x 385

Originally from Caledon, Ontario, Sydney has recently made the move to Victoria and is looking forward to working at the Bateman Foundation. Sydney has been camping, hiking, and participating in the arts since a young age and still very much enjoys the outdoors. She previously worked as a gallerist and administration assistant, and she is looking forward to seeing the beautiful scenery, parks, and culture that Vancouver Island has to offer.

Chloe Schatz

Gallery Assistant

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Chloe is an English Literature student at the University of Victoria. She is interested in the ways that literature and art intersect in allowing us to express ourselves and understand the perspectives of others, and how galleries can be a tool to encourage empathy and social change. Growing up in eastern Ontario and then living on Vancouver Island for the last six years, she has had the opportunity to explore many different natural spaces and has always found it important to spend time outside.