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Bursary Program

Nature Sketch Bursary Program is a unique and flexible way for you to support the initiative based on your preferences, affinities and ability to give. This customizable program is designed to benefit youth, schools, under-privileged groups and marginalized communities in up to 10 cities across Canada, providing valuable opportunities for nature- and art-based activities that might have otherwise been unachievable.

In simple terms, the Nature Sketch bursary program gives you the opportunity to choose:

  1. City of your choice
  2. Number of participants you’d like to sponsor
  3. Specific group to benefit (optional)

As a sponsor of the program, you can choose to benefit specific groups of your choice. The Bateman Foundation already has many pre-existing relationships and connections with multiple organizations, including many in marginalized communities, but the chosen group could be new to the Foundation as well. These include, but not limited to, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Anxiety Canada, Nature Canada, Lifetime Networks, The Foundry, numerous schools across the country and other deserving organizations.

Cost to Sponsor Each Participant: $160

Cities Available: Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax

For example, if you’d like to provide a one-time Nature Sketch bursary for 30 participants in Calgary, it would cost $4,800 (i.e., 30 × $160). Likewise, a bursary sponsoring 100 participants in Halifax would cost $16,000 (i.e., 100 × $160).

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor a Nature Sketch bursary, please contact Aidan Henry at [email protected].