Nature Sketch

Nature Sketch is designed to inspire appreciation of the natural world using a pencil and sketchbook. Every participant will have the opportunity to connect with nature in a variety of unique ecosystems through art, and learn about local flora and fauna and their habitats, including species at risk and the rewilding of urban habitats. With the guidance of a local artist and a naturalist, Nature Sketch encourages participants to explore natural environments through art and eco-literacy.

FREE online family Nature Sketch class: Into the Arctic: Portrait of a Polar Bear. Join Nature Sketch artist & educator Val Lawton to learn how to draw a Polar bear portrait. This is a preview for our January online Nature Sketch programming theme of Exploring the Arctic. 

Nature Sketch

The Junior Nature Sketch program is meant for children 5 to 13.
No previous drawing experience is required.


The Nature Sketch course is meant for teens, adults and seniors, from 14 and up! No previous drawing experience is required


The Watercolour course is meant for teens, adults and seniors, from 14 and up! No previous drawing experience is required.

Discovering the creative force within is one of the most magical and empowering moments that can be seen in a Nature Sketch session. Seeing a child have that ‘A-Ha’ moment – the moment they understand their own creative potential to connect with nature using a pencil and know that this creativity will serve them for the rest of their lives, is truly one of the best sights you will ever see.

Leanne, Nature Sketch Instructor

Check out the amazing works from Nature Sketch participants!

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“I cannot easily express how delighted I am with the national reach of Nature Sketch. As you likely know, I believe this is one of your most significant endeavors. It is essential for our next generation (the children of today) to grow up knowing humanity is a harmonious part of nature. As nature survives and blossoms so do we all. The model of humanity controlling or dominating nature is false and dangerous to all of us.” – Nature Sketch Participant

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