Field Trips

Recharge your team. Join us in half-day outings in nature for your company or private party. Enjoy fresh air, fun, sketching, and nature education guided by a naturalist and art instructor!

In a time when people are struggling for connection and isolation is more prevalent than ever, nature is the answer. Immersing ourselves in the natural environment brings meaning, connection and rejuvenation, while creating and cultivating a unique bond with our planet. Take a field trip in beautiful Victoria BC!

Field Trips are perfect for team building, corporate retreats, staff bonding, group excursions, executive meetings, and as a private party activity.

Program Information

  • 5-20 participants
  • 4-hour standard duration
  • Art supplies, instructor and naturalist included
  • Transportation and catering available at an additional cost


  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved personal relationships and engagement
  • Boosted creativity and inspiration
  • Better attention span and focus
  • Greater appreciation and connection with nature


Field Trips are set in forests, on beaches, in swamps, on mountains, and other breath-taking settings. Some locations may include:

For questions and bookings, please contact Aidan Henry at [email protected] or call (250) 882-9691.