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Suze Woolf

State of the Forest

July 31, 2021 – September 25, 2021

State of the Forest is a large-scale fabric installation by Suze Woolf. In this compelling and immersive exhibit, 30 portraits of burned trees have been digitally transferred onto fabric and hang from the ceiling. Stories written by wildland firefighter and author Lorena Williams accompany each piece. 

Woolf’s paintings are based on burned trees across western North America. The light, airy fabric reminds us that forests are not permanent; we must care for them. 

“I’ve met my goal when I’ve transported the viewer into the world of the painting but that viewer remains aware of my hand wielded the brush. The painting walks in a line between invoking reality and a collection of brush strokes.”

Suze Woolf

State of The Forest is part of the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II traveling museum exhibition. It is being displayed apart from the exhibit in Victoria so visitors may enjoy it in its entirety.

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