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Robert Bateman: Heart & Home

June 18, 2022 – February 18, 2023

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Curated by Andrea Terrón

A special moment is a hummingbird. It’s a little gift. 
Suddenly, it’s there. Shining, beautiful and bright. 
Then you blink and it’s gone. 

The Robert Bateman: Heart & Home exhibit illuminates the inspirations, connections and soul of an artist steeped in nature. The collection is comprised of extraordinary artwork and pieces, some never-before-seen and meant for an audience of one. See Robert Bateman like never before. Get a glimpse of a private artists as husband, father, friend, and teacher.

The collection captures the intimate occasions of birthdays, holidays, and the love that Robert Bateman shares with his close family and friends.  It remind us of the fundamental truth – our connections to each other create a full life.

“What we see, and experience, is what we become, it’s what we teach, it’s what we leave behind.”

Robert Bateman

Just like capturing the fleeting moments of light in the natural world, Robert savours the moments of creating gifts to express his care. 

Step into Robert’s studio and be immersed in the artist’s space. In the next room, you’ll enter a Bateman Christmas in the 90s with a 54” sculpted Nutcracker with a mischievous grin standing beside a handcrafted Christmas crèche. The journey continues with paintings, drawings, and furniture pieces gifted to loved ones. Timeless and detailed, the pieces can be passed down and enjoyed by future generations. The artist is as mindful of protecting the beauty of nature as he is preserving treasured memories.

What will you leave behind for your family? friends? future generations?

Special thanks to the Bateman family and friends for sharing your artwork and pieces to make this exhibition.

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