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Thomas D. Mangelsen

A Life in the Wild

January 30, 2021 – July 23, 2021

Renowned American nature and wildlife photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen has travelled throughout the natural world for over 45 years observing and photographing Earth’s last great wild places. A Life in the Wild is a collection of his most resonant images. These photographs showcase iconic species and landscapes, documenting the everyday struggles for survival happening around the globe.

Every single image in Mangelsen’s portfolio has been taken in the wild under natural conditions: the result of him waiting for the “picture perfect moment” across decades and often in hostile conditions. Such a body of work can only be achieved by having a heightened sense of animal behaviour, an uncanny ability to read changing atmospherics in the environment and patience. At a time when digital technology is, notoriously, reprogramming its users to have shorter attention spans, A Life in the Wild stands as a testament to the rewards that can come to people who slow down their lives and wait for nature’s revelations to happen.

What Tom has accomplished would be extremely difficult to duplicate. His photographs inspire me because they wake us up to what is at stake. When I think of the very talented nature photographers I’ve been fortunate to know – counted among the very best who ever lived – I consider Tom Mangelsen to be an American treasure.

Jane Goodall

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