Digital Resources

For those homeschooling their children – or anyone looking for lockdown activities – we have produced free educational resources that will help you master basic art skills while learning about nature. These range from quick activities like colouring in, to longer, more involved lesson plans.

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Quick Activities For Kids

Lesson Plans

Video Tutorials

Join Canadian artist and naturalist Robert Bateman as he demonstrates the basics of sketching outside inspired by nature’s beauty in our online video tutorials and discover the artist within!

#1 Materials For Sketching in Nature

#2 Using A Viewfinder in Nature

#3 Gesture Sketching in Nature

#4 Slow Drawing

#5 Cross Hatching and Shading with Lines

Mini-Sketch Booklet

Download our free mini-sketch booklet for your next nature outing! Print on 8.5″ x 14″ Legal paper at home and watch our instructional video on how to fold the booklet.

How to Fold the Mini-Sketch Booklet