Celebrating Community Resilience

This is your chance to consider, share, and celebrate your personal strengths and the resilience you have cultivated over the past year with our community! Your artwork will become part of a community art project that will continue over the course of the next few weeks. The project will conclude with a free exhibition of the created artworks at the Bateman Gallery for the community to come and celebrate our resilience together.

You are invited to create a self portrait that reveals your resilience that’s been masked since 2020.

What is Resilience?

  • Resilience is the ability to adapt to life’s challenges and weather the storm. We all have unique inner strengths. Some of us take part in activities, or have special people or animals in our lives that help us to be resilient. 

You can download the activity sheet and start working on your art project from home! Or stop by the gallery, we have a printed copy for you!

Some optional questions to consider for the activity:

What is a personal strength that you possess? 

What has offered you comfort or support over the past year?

What has helped you to be resilient during these challenging times? 

What words of comfort would you like to share with our community?