Bateman Gallery Virtual Tour

Castaways: Art From the Material World

Concept and Production by Vivienne Challandes

Castaways: Art From the Material World is a rags to riches tale of the textile industry and its global impact. Featuring twenty women artists from Canada and the Americas, this immersive exhibition confronts climate change head on, exploring consumer culture and our relationship to fast fashion. In this Bateman Gallery virtual tour, experience the story of a planet in crisis, told from uniquely female and indigenous perspectives.

Robert Bateman: Art in 360

Art in 360 brings the outdoors to life using a combination of 3D art, 360 degree video, a voice over by Robert Bateman, and a surprise visit to one of Mr Bateman’s favourite spots. This Bateman Gallery virtual tour is sure to create excitement for those wanting to see nature with different eyes.

Thanks to Live It for this production!