May 17, 2022 Media Release: World Premiere of Robert Bateman: Heart and Home Exhibition

For immediate Release: May 17, 2022

Victoria, BC – Warm and intimate. The new Robert Bateman exhibition will make its world premiere at the Bateman Gallery on June 18.

The Robert Bateman: Heart and Home exhibition illuminates the inspirations, connections and soul of an artist steeped in nature. The collection is comprised of extraordinary artwork and pieces, some never-before-seen and meant for an audience of one. 

It captures the intimate occasions of birthdays, holidays, and the love that Robert Bateman shares with his close family and friends.  

“It sheds a new light on this brilliant artist,” says Andrea Terrón, curator of the exhibition and Head of Gallery for the Bateman Foundation.

“Engaging, intimate and heartfelt. The exhibition immerses guests to see Robert through the lens of loved ones. You’ll find a mix of masterpieces and pieces that are and will become cherished treasures passed down for generations.” 

Just like capturing the fleeting moments of light in the natural world, Robert savours the moments of creating gifts to express his care.  

Guests are able to step into Robert’s studio and be immersed in the artist’s space. In the next room, a Bateman Christmas in the 90s has a 54” sculpted Nutcracker with a mischievous grin standing beside a handcrafted Christmas crèche. The journey continues with paintings, drawings and furniture pieces gifted to loved ones. Timeless and detailed, the pieces can be passed down and enjoyed by future generations. 

“This exhibit provides a very different and emotional experience,” said John Bateman, Robert Bateman’s son and vice chair of the Bateman Foundation. 

“Dad once said, “what we see, and experience, is what we become, it’s what we teach, it’s what we leave behind.” This exhibit reminds people to stop, reflect, and be present. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it is the fleeting and shared connections with our loved ones that leave a mark on our life.”

The Bateman Gallery invites the public for this highly anticipated exhibition on June 18. 

On June 16, the media will be invited for an exclusive sneak peek. An invite will be released later next month. For more information about Robert Bateman: Heart and Home, visit

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