Changes to Art for Well-being

Thank you to the community for being part of our Art for Well-being programs. 

We made the difficult decision to pause this program as our organization refocuses on our mission – to build relationships with nature through art, and maintain our sustainability after a very challenging couple of years in the pandemic. 

Our Art for Well-being program originated from the successful partner program with Anxiety Canada in Vancouver. Through a pilot program with Anxiety Canada, Tupper Nova School and BC Children’s Hospital, we facilitated our NatureSketchTM learning program to provide support to youth with mental health concerns like anxiety, depression and risk of suicide. These pilot programs solidified our philosophy of the power of sketching in nature and its positive impact on well-being. 

The past year allowed the foundation to explore the power of art as a source of well-being with our Art for Well-being programs which were accessible to community groups as well as the general public through our drop-in program.  

We are thankful to have built this relationship with the community and look forward to continuing to incorporate the therapeutic art techniques into our flagship learning program, NatureSketch. For those who would like to continue their expression through arts, we have NatureSketch programming at a non-profit rate. Inquiries can be submitted to [email protected]

We would like to thank our amazing community partners and our art therapist, Kaitlin McManus, for providing this program at a time when it was needed the most.

The Bateman Foundation Team

Kaitlin McManus, art therapist and facilitator of our Art for Well-being program with drop in guests.