March 22, 2022 Media Release: The Bateman Foundation Announces a New Acting General Manager

For Immediate Release: March 22, 2022

The Bateman Foundation Announces a New Acting General Manager

Victoria, BC – The Bateman Foundation board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Theophilus as acting General Manager of the Bateman Foundation.

Sarah Theophilus has extensive years of experience with the Bateman Foundation with in-depth expertise of operations and exclusive insight into the Bateman Gallery and its flagship education program, Nature Sketch.

“The Bateman Foundation board is confident and positive of our future,” says David Schneider, board chair of the Bateman Foundation.

“Sarah is surrounded by a strong team who will deliver our mission to reach more people. With Sarah’s leadership, we know the gallery and education programs will continue to provide quality exhibits and programs people have come to expect.”

The Bateman Foundation reaches over 250,000 people across North America and has welcomed more than 20,000 visitors to the gallery each year. The gallery has become a powerful artistic center not only for the city of Victoria but for nature-centric art and artists by showcasing impactful exhibitions and inclusive learning programs. The Bateman Foundation and the gallery is one of the city’s incredible cultural icons that is deeply connected to the arts and nature community.

“The Bateman Foundation is laser focused on our mission and vision, and I am honoured to help deliver this to the public with our brilliant team. I look forward to leading the Bateman Foundation into a spring and summer of new possibilities and programming as the pandemic eases,” said Theophilus.

“We are confident that the new leadership and solid team will forge a path towards dynamic programming that reflects the true philosophy of Robert Bateman and show the transformational power of nature,” said Schneider.

“Our board is engaged and committed to the success of the foundation and we are grateful to all our partners, donors, volunteers, and staff for their unwavering support. We are poised to have an incredible year and welcome new and loyal patrons through our gallery doors and our learning programs.”

The Bateman Foundation is a nationally registered charity dedicated to building a relationship with nature through art. Founded by renowned artist and naturalist Robert Bateman, the foundation uses art to understand the environment and unlock creativity. Through educational programs, community collaborations and gallery exhibitions, the foundation inspires a generation of people to build a deeper relationship with the natural world. The foundation reaches over 250,000 people across North America, the flagship education program NatureSketch engages over 4,000 participants, and the Bateman Gallery welcomes over 20,000 visitors each year. For more information about the Bateman Foundation and the gallery, visit


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